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i'm back

2010-11-02 14:30:53 by darksoldier567

yea so i'm back.

i'm back

yea sadly imma gonna quit newgrounds i sure none of you care but ho well.
thus means i also have to quit:
space ghost collab
and pretty much everyting.


(this is by no way funny to me)


2010-08-06 18:10:04 by darksoldier567

well my new big project is almost done give me about 2-3 days and it will be done


2010-07-31 22:32:51 by darksoldier567

i got macromedia flash 8.
now i can finnaly make flashes whithout it being so suckish.

done done and done

2010-07-10 13:54:51 by darksoldier567

yea i am done whit the whole script for the flash now the flash desinger poester said that we could put the flash mabye today so yea that is it bye.
ho and since i do alot of stuff i have to stop my art project i will still submit art but not everyday.

happy robot day

2010-07-10 11:29:59 by darksoldier567

well hapy robot day.
p.s hopfullly we can upload the flash this weekend k.

god no....

2010-07-09 13:53:51 by darksoldier567

yea the producer and the maker of the new flash wont be around till monday.
man that suck's since i am already ready whit the script.
but ho well

flash update

2010-07-08 13:06:20 by darksoldier567

me and poester r almost done whit the flash. i just wrote the 2nd part of the script for the flash.mabye it will come out this week.screenshot off

art project

2010-07-07 19:36:33 by darksoldier567

yea i have decide to make a make pice's of art every day like 3-5 per day.
deadline 7/14/10.
the reason for this is to do somting in my free time


2010-07-06 21:03:10 by darksoldier567

i am in a flash and i did not even know mabye cauz i was gone for 3 hours